It’s interesting to find out what everyone else is up to during lockdown, not only because we are all nosey but more for inspiration and ideas. We’re talking to a different team member each week to find out their story and what they are doing to keep themselves busy.

First up we’re shining the spotlight on the Marketing & Events team who have been very busy! Issy’s first volunteer stop was Sutton Community Farm. She applied online after hearing that UK farms would struggle to farm their strawberry crops without the usual influx of EU pickers, and a week later found herself with a weekly slot. Now, every Wednesday is “veg box day” for Issy. She arrives at 8:30am and spends the morning weighing the farm’s fresh fruit and veg so it’s ready to pack and send out to their veg box customers. The farm has gone from making 90% of its revenue from supplying hospitality venues to making that amount up through selling veg boxes, so the whole operation has had to get very slick very fast. She’s the youngest there by a good twenty years but is loving it.

She spends another few days a week volunteering as a communications guru for a local food delivery service, ‘TLC during COVID’ (she swears she didn’t choose the name..) She’s given the brand a makeover and they now have a brand new logo, ads on local pages, an Instagram brimming with emojis and even a following that’s nearing 100 (go on, check out @tlcduringcovid).


The talented Millie made a zine at the end of last year of an illustrated restaurant guide to London and wanted to make a part two. She joked about making a cookbook because she was going to be cooking a lot more during this period, but ended up doing it and got around 20 people together, from friends to musicians to chefs, to submit recipes and create a community cookbook that she’s illustrated and kept in black and white so it also doubles as a colouring book!

Millie said it’s such a special and important way to stay creative at times of uncertainty and she’s hopeful she will get to show everyone when things go back to “normal”.


Next up is the wonderful Phaedra, our General Manager at Victoria.

This is what she’s been up to…

So, over the last two weeks I have been involved in a mental health awareness project with a company called Hospro. Hospro has been running since long before the lock down and aimed to help people in our industry with taking positive and proactive steps towards better mental health. When everything went into lock down Matt, the creator of Hospro, decided that he would reach out to other people in the industry to help us navigate our way through transitioning from doing what we love everyday, to not being able to anymore and hopefully be able to take some of these new routines and focuses with us when we are able to return again.

Over the last 14 days we have been focusing on three elements of our lives that we do have the ability to control in a time where there is very little that we can.  I have been taking vitamins, designed specifically for people who work in the hospitality industry. We are also waking up and meditating and exercising together on zoom, as well as the occasional evening drink and chat.

Not everyday has been easy, and I am sure everyone has felt that but having the support from the team for the harder days has reminded me just how strong and supportive our industry is and will continue to be after this.

Our little project officially ends very soon but after this I do not think that we will lose contact, or stop our meditations or workouts. We have all created a bond with each other which does make everyday that little bit easier. 


Stay tuned for more ‘lockdown lowdown’ stories from our team 🙂 x