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Carte Magazine by Market Halls



Since May 2018, we have launched Market Hall Fulham, Market Hall Victoria and – most recently – Market Hall West End, the UK’s largest food hall.

This means that there are now 21 independent food spots to choose from across the Market Halls family; that’s 21 traders with their own unique origins, personalities, people and, of course, great dishes.

It inspired us to launch Carte, a new magazine and a new string to the Market Halls bow that explores, illustrates and shares the stories behind our inspiration, people and menus.

In Issue 1, tuck into honest truths about his rise to restaurant fame from founders of our culinary concepts. Feast on recipes from HotBox and Gopal’s Corner and sink your teeth into articles about dishes from around the world.

Carte is more than just a magazine about Market Halls. It covers stories both from our traders and from cuisines and cultures not yet available to experience in our venues, but that have tickled our taste buds.

Welcome to Issue 1, we hope you enjoy.

Carte is published by Market Halls and Lucky Pilgrim. 

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