MOVE at Market Hall Fulham

Introducing MOVE, an all-new fitness studio and class-based concept brought to you by Market Halls.

At MOVE, we believe in proper coaching, proper programming and proper movement.


The founders of MOVE believe that the fitness industry and its consumers are being done an injustice. Studios are becoming darker, louder and more crammed in an attempt to enhance user experience.

Real training occurs when a coach can see the people they’re training, when those in the class can clearly understand instructions and where training experience trumps sensory experience.

You won’t find smoke and mirrors in our studio, just inspiring coaches, motivating workouts and tons of natural light. It’s an experience that’s difficult to rival, but for the right reasons.

Our aim is simple: to be be the change that we so desperately want to see in the fitness industry. Find out more @themovestudios



MOVE have a carefully curated class schedule, led by some of London’s most exciting coaches, who are all experts in what they do.

Our classes offer something for everyone, of every age and fitness level, with classes ranging from yoga and pilates to strength and endurance.

Full details of pricing, classes and how to move with us can be found on our website.

You were born to move. Learn to move well and learn to love it at MOVE.




Christian Lewis-Pratt (Head Coach): Primal Fit, Kettlebell Flow, Evolve



Kim Hartwell: Move HIIT, Energise



Sarah Malcolm: Vinyasa Flow



Charles Oxley: Evolve



Katie Gray: Activate, Move HIIT



Heather Driver: Rise


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