The team have been working closely with North Cornwall brewers Harbour, to create our own ‘Market Helles’ lager that is now available on tap alongside a host of independent British-made beers. Yes, we’ve made our own beer and it’s all thanks to this awesome team.

The Harbour Brewing Co. was founded in February 2012. Applying a progressive and innovative approach to both beer style and brewing technique, whilst honouring traditional and proven methods, Harbour produce a range of full flavoured, balanced and creative beers.

The guys strive to strike a balance between bold flavours and drinkability. Beer is, at the end of the day, something to drink and enjoy, not everything needs to be overly challenging or contemplative. Which might explain why they based themselves in beautiful North Cornwall, apparently because of the purity of the spring water that’s sourced from the breweries own natural spring, but really we heard it’s because they like the chilled lifestyle and the surf!

In their short existence Harbour have seen their products on sale in 4 continents and in some of the world’s best bars and restaurants. They raised some serious dosh in 2016 that brought a new state of the art brewing facility to Cornwall, and that continued in 2017 with yet more investment increasing the capacity. Now the guys are continuing their facility development by building a purpose built R&D and Mixed fermentation brewery on their recently purchased 15 acre farm.

It’s fair to say it’s going pretty well and we are proud to be working with them, supporting their journey to becoming recognized globally for making exceptional, full flavoured and creative beers.

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